The coronavirus pandemic will forever change the way we live and work, presenting challenges for the dental industry, as for many others, never experienced before.

In particular, the live events sector, such as trade fairs and congresses, will, by its very nature, suffer a strong backlash. The sector has tried to respond with virtual alternatives that certainly can be an alternative in the immediate future, but cannot replace live events forever.

At UBGEN we strongly believe in this type of business, where it is possible to establish one-to-one contact, developing more authentic and profound relationships than can be done virtually.

It is for this reason that we are committed, limited to what will be permitted by the regulations to combat COVID-19, to participate as in the past in all the main trade fairs in our sector.

  • EAO Congress

    Milan, 14-16 October 2021
    This joint meeting promises to be the largest international meeting held in Italy, with thousands of delegates from all over the world, making it a point of reference in the field of dental implantology.
  • International Dental Show

    Cologne, 10-13 March 2021
    IDS is the world's leading trade fair for the dental community, ensuring sustainable success as a platform for innovation and market trends.
  • ExpoDental Meeting

    Rimini, 20-22 maggio 2021
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