• SAFE-BONE® is produced through a selective laser melting process (SLM) using specific grade 5 titanium powders, historically recognized as inert and biocompatible. Each individual titanium mesh is designed to adapt to the patient's anatomical details, based on images created with CAD/CAM and an intra-oral scan provided by the clinician.


  • SAFE-BONE® is the most suitable solution in horizontal and vertical bone defects, in combination with a bone substitute.

    While any early exposure of a non-resorbable membrane almost always leads to an infection capable of compromising the result of the surgical technique, indeed, several studies show that in case of exposure of the mesh the success of the regeneration is not affected and the regenerated bone volume is maintained.

    SAFE-BONE® can be used alone or in combination with SHELTER® FAST or SHELTER® SLOW resorbable membranes.

    Compared to pre-shaped titanium meshes, SAFE-BONE® offers many advantages, including speed and ease of application, requiring no further modelling or shaping adjustments.

    UBGEN® offers the clinician the opportunity to fully customize the SAFE-BONE® structure, allowing for defining the thickness of the mesh, shape and size of the texture, as well as 3D planning of the placement of openings useful for future allocation of the implants.

We certify that the entire range of medical devices described above is CE marked and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC implemented in Italy with the DLGS. n. 46 dated 24-02-97 and subsequent amendments. The company operates in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

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